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Why Gratitude is Good for You!

Xmas tree st lukesIt is that time of the year!  If you are like many of my clients, you may be feeling low energy, tired, even exhausted after the considerable output of this year.  And you won’t be alone in needing time to just stop, re-charge and refresh with the upcoming break.

Here is a powerful thing you can do which will help renew and bring positive energy and good feelings back:

The power of Gratitude

As we countdown to Christmas or end of the year, do make time to really appreciate and savour all your blessings!

Notice all the gifts, resources, capabilities, blessings, magic and mayhem that life is but especially the gift that our loved ones of family and friends are to us.

And then in your thoughts extend these feelings of appreciation and gratitude back to them.

Those thoughts influences our heart rate variability, which then send positive messages to our brain which in turn manufactures and releases positive feel good chemicals in the body.  (more…)

Leaders: Why gratitude matters

It was a birthday week last week.  And yes – I am happy to admit –despite the passing years; I stretch it out and lap it up like I was still in my teens!  A day is far too short to do birthdays any justice, don’t you think?

More seriously, this time it hit me that birthdays are only made special because of our loving family and friends. Their warm wishes are like a wrapping of love. It made me feel like the perfect gift.  As my heart expanded, I was able to extend these feelings of appreciation and gratitude back to them. I was also left questioning how most of our days we madly rush around, rarely savouring or letting in the gift that our loved ones are to us.

According to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, Psychology Professor and author of Positivity, true gratitude is heartfelt and unscripted, not mindless manners or tit for tat reciprocity.  The film and social movement Pay it forward is a great example of gratitude in action.

Gratitude is one of the essential pillars of positive psychology.   It has a direct hit on our feelings of positivity and well-being. Research shows that people, who are more grateful have higher levels of subjective well-being are less stressed, less depressed and are more satisfied with their lives and relationships.  Our resourcefulness and capacity also expands when we are in a more positive frame of mind and we are better able to deal with life transitions. (more…)

The Power of Rituals

With time I have come  to appreciate the power and value of rituals.

This morning as I climbed the steps at the gym I appreciated the familiarity, comfort and regularity that this ritual provided.

Becoming a life member at the gym at the then lowish prices, some 20 years back,  has to be one of the best investments I ever  made.  Over the past year, the ritual of seeing my ” instrutor gostoso”  has also kept me on track!  Catching  up with my colleague and friend after the  workout is another comforting and supportive ritual. I’m aware there has been an absence of this ritual as she is currently in New York looking after her ailing mother.

So how about you?  What are some rituals that enhance your life? Whether in
work, business or personal life, positive rituals help ground us, advance
our intentions and goals and lift our spirit. 

What are some rituals that nurture and nourish your life?

 Jasbindar Singh is a business psychologist who loves helping her clients become more of what they desire!


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