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Have You Got the End-of-Year Career Blues?

Change ahead warning signAre you suffering from the end-of-year career blues? Are you questioning “can I bear to have a repeat of this year” and the answer and inner knowing is a definitive NO!

We naturally get a bit more reflective as the year ends – thinking about our lives in a more holistic way than we have had time for during the busy year of deliverables.

As our jobs, business, relationships and careers come into greater focus, we ask ourselves whether we doing what we truly want to be doing? These questions can also feel scary as they raise the issue of how resonant, fulfilling and aligned our work is with our deeper self or calling.  You may even be questioning what the latter is for you.

If you are like some of my recent coachees who have wanted to discuss strategies for moving forward, then I have a special offer for you later in the blog.

But for now youchained c may wish to check-in with the questions under the following six areas to gain clarity and focus.



Leaders: Where have you given up the reins?

giving up reins“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”  
Josiah Charles Stamp

Being responsible for our lives is a no brainer.  If we are asked the question of whether we take responsibility for our lives, the majority of us would say, “but, of course.” Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?   But this can be a question worth exploring deeper.  In my earlier work as a clinician, then as a consultant and coach, I discovered that even the most successful person invariably had an area or issue that they had sidled away from taking responsibility – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Here are a couple of examples–a top executive while “hitting the numbers” and running a very reputable and successful business, gave up responsibility of “being a father”  and spending much quality time  ( or any  at all!) with his  young kids.  His rationale – his partner was super organized and while holding down her own demanding job also managed the home life including the children.  Given one of his top values was family, the irony of this hit him sharply and he consequently committed to making time with the kids before they were put to bed.  A solution that he felt was realistic and achievable especially the weeks he was home and not out of the country.

Leaders: Let your values become viral

Values and behavior are a core part of fulfilling our purpose and manifesting our vision.   The clearer we are about living our values, the more engaged we are with our life including work.  And when our values are mirrored in the organizations or business that we are part of, there is even greater energy, engagement and flow. (more…)

Looking to live a life of greater meaning and engagement?

career and life fulfilmentIt’s the time of the year when we are reviewing our lives including the work we do. If you are feeling unfulfilled and wanting to live a life of greater meaning, the following eleven questions will help.

If you are a coach working with clients, these SQ ( spiritually intelligent) questions will help elicit deeper answers from your coachees. 

As Deepak Chopra says, “Everyone has a purpose in life…. a unique gift or special talent to give others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” (more…)

10 ways coaching helps boost employee engagement

engaged leader and team Employee engagement is an issue of major concern for most organizations as the price of ambivalence or worse, disengagement in the work place can indeed be very costly. Employees are engaged when they have a sense of commitment to the company regarding it as a great place to work, when they willingly go the extra mile and put in the discretionary effort, and when they don’t want to work anywhere else.   According to global human resources management and outsourcing firm Hewitt, engagement is the extent to which an organisation has captured the ‘hearts and minds’ of its people and is made of three key behaviours – Say, Stay and Strive.  (more…)

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