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Leadership wins and bloopers

forest walkwayThe holiday break naturally pre-disposes us to a more reflective mindset about the year that was whilst also looking ahead into the new year.

Here’s my suggestion on a light-hearted yet meaningful exercise to engage in as part of your reflective practice.

In thinking about 2013, what have been your:

1)   Wins

2)   Challengers

3)   Bloopers/stuff ups!

4)   Lessons

5)   Discoveries e.g. unexpected opportunities, unappreciated strengths


In looking ahead to 2014, what might you be: 

1)   Moving away from

2)   Moving towards

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And very finally, wishing you a joyous and safe holiday season and much success in 2014!  Kia Kaha.

Warm wishes 

Jasbindar Singh is a leadership coach and business psychologists who loves helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations. She thoroughly enjoys working with senior leaders develop their EQ including self awareness and other capabilities.


Leadership reflection: how it helps managers and leaders enhance their learning.

man reflectingA common challenge that managers, leaders and business owners have is not having enough time to actively or proactively reflect.  Attending to the daily schedule of meetings and appointments,  managing the team, customers and board relationships along with unscheduled things that pop up often leaves time for little else.

And yet the ability to reflect is a critical part of a leader and manager’s growth and development.

It is through reflection that we are able to cull out the juices from any encounter and move forward more confidently.

Reflection enables us to dig deeper and come up with insights and gems that may not have been so apparent initially – often tapping into the wisdom of the unconscious.

This is one reason that more and more organizations and executives are resorting to coaches to have that committed time, space and listening.  Being able to reflect on things with a trusted other enables powerful learning conversations to occur.

It brings forth analysis as well as synthesis. (more…)

A strengths-based review of your 2012

Christmas holiday is a great time for rest, renewal and reflection. The year-end underlines a natural point for a stock take – how things shaped up and what we are up to in our lives.  With the advent of the New Year and the promise of new beginnings, pausing to take time for reflection and thoughtful intent for the New Year is most natural. 

The seers have repeatedly pronounced – an un-reflected is an unlived life!  This year, I would like to encourage a strengths based approach to your reflections. 

And why not record your answers to the following questions in your journal?  Not only will this give you a sense of achievement and consequent good feelings but it will also provide you with directional clarity for the coming year.

You could ask these questions in relation to your team, business, leadership and personal life as well.


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