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Watch Your Inner Saboteur

stressed manAre you hampering your success or perhaps the next move by focusing on what you don’t have rather all that you do?

Is there a strong heartfelt desire, a felt sense, calling or aspiration which,  as yet remains unfulfilled?

If you do, just check in with yourself that you are not hampering this by focusing on the block(s) rather than all the resources and enablers already in your toolkit.

When we are energetically blocked, in the grip of the “small me” and stampeded by the inner saboteur – conscious or unconscious, we are not doing justice to all those we could be serving or indeed ourselves.

This point was highlighted to me in my unexpected conversations with several colleagues this week.

Watch that the inner critic is not running the show! (more…)

Pay Attention to those Weak Signals

weak signalWeak signals; powerful message.

A lot of the times the answers we are seeking are right there. But we don’t have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear.

In fact, we override what our senses might be picking up and telling us because they often come in the form of weak or subtle signals.

These can be like fleeting whispers, a dis-ease, unarticulated perceptions, a gut feel that doesn’t go away and other below the surface ‘readings.’

Can you relate to any of these? What is a ‘weak signal’ for you currently which you might be ignoring?

I had a client who was feeling this strong intuitive pull towards academia. She found this odd as she was happy in her job and had no major plans to study or change her lifestyle. (more…)

Compassion and Gratitude

authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligenceOne of the hardest things in life can be confronting our own self. This is the sense of existential angst – regardless of who you are and what you have in life. Coming face to face with oneself in the mirror – that ultimately we have to live with ourselves, in ourselves.

This is not always a comfortable place for many and it is not surprising that many turn to more pleasurable outlets such as sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling -anything to escape from reality! But at the end of it all, we are still left staring ourselves in the mirror, possibly feeling even worse.

So is there a solution? Well yes. (more…)

Leadership bumps – why these can be good for you!

Speed Bump Road SignBumps, jolts, or experiencing the unexpected can actually be good for us although it may not feel like that at the time.

Have you heard a bump or jolt lately? A bit of a shake up if you like? Perhaps things are not quite going as you would have liked? What you got was different from what you had planned, desired or expected? (more…)

What makes for great leadership?

Gandhi on Indian rupee noteThere is so much rhetoric in leadership but from time to time we get to see and experience what great leadership is.

These are moments, events and time in our lives when we feel touched, moved and inspired because we see and experience great leadership.

What have been such moments for you?  Can you recall some examples from your own life?

Perhaps it was a parent figure, a family member or a particular manager who embodied confidence in you and your abilities and made you feel like you could tackle and take on anything.  And that is exactly what you did and nine times out of ten, you proved them right!

On the global stage, like many, I was incredibly moved by the historical event when Barack Obama became the United States of America’s first African American President.

Then there are other awe inspiring history making stories as per Nelson Mandela,   The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa.

In my own neighbourhood there is  the mature, migrant woman who runs a family business. She started with minimal experience and a dream and now has a  roaring trade based on the quality of food she makes as she keeps the neighborhood fed and happy and  at such reasonable prices!

Her business continues to grow from strength to strength but her leadership has not veered from the core values that made her successful.

There are many qualities, principles and actions which make for great leadership.

I have chosen the following seven for this blog: (more…)

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