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13 insights on leading with integrity

integrityAfter my last newsletter on ETNZ and Dean Barker’s leadership and teamwork, I received some fairly consistent feedback from you. You liked how Dean led his team and despite the outcome, you still view him as a winner and hold him in high regard.

The more vexing question you asked me was the relationship between integrity and leadership in the aftermath of the mayoral race.

Some common feelings and questions included:

• How am I meant to feel about someone in a public trust role who I voted in and who has demonstrated a breach in integrity?
• Can someone who has demonstrated a lack of integrity in one area of life be trusted to show integrity in other areas of life?
• How can someone who has demonstrated integrity and then behaved dishonestly return to a state of integrity again?
• There has been such a betrayal of trust by someone I voted because I thought he made a good leader.
• Does power seduce those in high office or is it that a certain type of individual drawn to these positions?
• How do we know when someone has integrity or not?

No doubt you will all be making up your own mind about how you answer these and other questions.

Here are my top 13 points on integrity – leader or not. (more…)

Leadership: Change your strategy not your principles

Regardless of whether you are a manager or leader in a large corporate, owner of a SME, self-employed or an employee it is impossible to escape the current global recessionary climate.
Business is feeling the heat and  “things are tough but we are doing what we can to keep pushing ahead” is a common experience. The range of adjustments and changes range from cutting costs to restructuring and redundancies to managing stakeholder expectations.  At an individual level, feelings of anxiety and panic, fear of the future, job insecurity also prevail. (more…)

How to lead in times of crisis – 6 leadership lessons from BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward

finger pointing, no self accountability, passing the buckIn times of crisis, how a leader fronts and deals with the situation can either fan an already out of control situation or they can take full responsibility and become part of the solution. Sadly, BP’s CEO – Tony Hayward’s words, behaviour and demeanour have only but fueled the situation.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster on many levels. And it appears that it could have been avoided. Questions are being asked of the CEO but answers to date have not been forthcoming – answers which could provide a deeper, systemic understanding about what went wrong and why and how best to deal with this major catastrophe. (more…)

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