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Looking back to look ahead….

How quickly 2018 passed, Time  now to pause, look back, reflect and ask what your priorities will be in the brand New Year!

Personally  I‘ve looked at the gains and achievements of the past year.  From that  I’ve also  tried to  find, and focus on a theme for the year ahead. There’s already an element here which needs more priority  – and it lies in the simple but neglected word,  gratitude.

Albert Schweitzer  put it like this “…at times our own light goes out and is re-kindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Gratitude is a pillar of positive psychology and has a direct correlation on our own feelings of positivity and well-being. It helps maximize the potential benefits of positive experiences and emotions on our lives.

Research on the concept shows that people, who are more grateful have higher levels of subjective well-being are less stressed, less depressed and more satisfied with their lives and relationships.

We feel more optimistic, have lower blood pressure, have more positive thoughts and a robust immune system and are more compassionate and forgiving.

Our resourcefulness and capacity  is also believed to expands when we are in a more positive frame of mind and we are better able to deal with life’s challenges.

Gratitude is also about what we give – not just receive  – and this could not be better highlighted than during this festive season when giving and gratitude go hand in hand.

Wishing you and your family a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling Christmas and New Year!

Warm regards

P.S Image taken with the friendly  Skycity gnome! 🙂


Great Leaders “Mind the Gap”

Mind_the_gap_2So many of us are busy running around doing a gazillion ‘important’ things but failing to give ourselves the most precious gift of time and perspective.

No one is arguing that the demands on us have increased hugely and that there are always more things than time itself.

Talking about her busy life of juggling work, family and friends and her own well-being, a client said, “I need to start making time to ‘mind the gap‘ and getting off automatic.”

She was recalling the “mind the gap” message in London’s underground train station.

She chose to use it as a visual and auditory reminder to pause before taking action.

So what is the gap I am referring to here?

Unlike the gap of the London Tubes, here we are referring to the psychological and physical space that allows us to:

  • Pause
  • Think
  • Feel
  • Gather our senses
  • Become conscious of our breath
  • Get in touch with our spirit
  • Re-group
  • Come home to ourselves
  • And then respond


Some examples of the undesirable outcomes of not “minding the gap” can be:

  • Failing to recognize the other person’s emotional state but ploughing on instead (empathy )
  • Going on automatic and responding from our conditioned responses
  • Not being able to see the wood for the trees
  • Working in the business, not on it and
  • Not having adequate recovery time to recuperate our energies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Failing to question if there was a better way

When we stop minding the gaps is when we end up making poorer decisions, limiting our choices and taking actions we regret later.


In the work setting, clients – managers and business owners have used the following strategies for “minding the gap.”

  • Taking a lunch break
  • Going for a walk around the block
  • Getting in the office early and having a quiet hour before everyone arrives
  • Using the first 30 minutes to orient to the day’s priorities
  • Pausing /Thinking before answering
  • Taking five when a conversation gets heated
  • Consciously taking a back seat in a meeting
  • The practice of mindfulness
  • Using the drive between work and home to shift gears before seeing the family
  • Dealing with change and seeing transition times as ‘minding the gap’ before making any final decisions and any major changes.
  • Focus on breathing to re-connect with deeper self

Here’s a reflective practice  exercise that may help.

Why not “mind the gap” now to reflect on the strategies that wok for you….I look forward to hearing.

Jasbindar is a leadership coach, facilitator and speaker who helps executives harness the best of themselves and their teams.

Image – Courtesy of London Underground 

Leadership wins and bloopers

forest walkwayThe holiday break naturally pre-disposes us to a more reflective mindset about the year that was whilst also looking ahead into the new year.

Here’s my suggestion on a light-hearted yet meaningful exercise to engage in as part of your reflective practice.

In thinking about 2013, what have been your:

1)   Wins

2)   Challengers

3)   Bloopers/stuff ups!

4)   Lessons

5)   Discoveries e.g. unexpected opportunities, unappreciated strengths


In looking ahead to 2014, what might you be: 

1)   Moving away from

2)   Moving towards

Here are some useful products for you, your team or other special people in your life:

1)   For building inside out leadership fundamentals including values of trust, integrity, self awareness, building resilience and taking action NOW, get a copy of my e-book:


2)   A lot of bright executives are IQ smart but could do with building greater capability in the EQ ( emotional intelligence) domain. Here’s a booklet including a questionnaire I put together that has helped my coaching clients grow themselves in this domain:


3)   If you or a family member or friend have lost your mojo and are going through a career/life transition, consider getting the workbook in e-book format or hard copy or the book itself. Check out:


A bonus:

Buy any and you will go in a draw to win another product of your choice!

And very finally, wishing you a joyous and safe holiday season and much success in 2014!  Kia Kaha.

Warm wishes 

Jasbindar Singh is a leadership coach and business psychologists who loves helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations. She thoroughly enjoys working with senior leaders develop their EQ including self awareness and other capabilities.


Leadership reflection: how it helps managers and leaders enhance their learning.

man reflectingA common challenge that managers, leaders and business owners have is not having enough time to actively or proactively reflect.  Attending to the daily schedule of meetings and appointments,  managing the team, customers and board relationships along with unscheduled things that pop up often leaves time for little else.

And yet the ability to reflect is a critical part of a leader and manager’s growth and development.

It is through reflection that we are able to cull out the juices from any encounter and move forward more confidently.

Reflection enables us to dig deeper and come up with insights and gems that may not have been so apparent initially – often tapping into the wisdom of the unconscious.

This is one reason that more and more organizations and executives are resorting to coaches to have that committed time, space and listening.  Being able to reflect on things with a trusted other enables powerful learning conversations to occur.

It brings forth analysis as well as synthesis. (more…)

The gift of reflection to be a better leader


Taking time to reflect helps give perspective and make greater sense of events and experiences.  The reflective process inquires, poses questions, gets insights, sees things anew and it builds.  It helps us get to know ourselves and others in a deeper way and is  a healthy and necessary activity for executives and non-executives alike.  As a business leader, if  you are too entrenched in the detail, it is likely that you are not making time for reflection and therefore missing out on the bigger picture of your business and life. (more…)

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