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7 Keys for success in your leadership journey

Where are you currently in your career pathway?  Are you in a new management / leadership role and figuring your way through it?  Have you been a high performer accountable for your results only but are now having to manage others?  Or perhaps you have been a specialist in your field but find yourself being a generalist as you manage others who are the specialists!  Or you are now accountable for getting results through others who don’t even have a direct reporting line to you?  These are fairly typical scenarios for an emerging leader with some great potential for development including learning about oneself and getting the best from others.   The pathway from being the lone star performer to becoming an effective manager and leader is also littered with challenges which if missed can lead to career derailment.

Jim,  (not his real name)  who started his career in the IT  industry learnt this lesson early as he realized that his technical skills were no longer enough to be the successful executive that he wanted to be.  As he said, “I learnt pretty quickly that what made me successful so far wasn’t what was going to keep me there” and that “I needed to learn more about understanding myself and other people and what made them tick.   I didn’t even realize this area existed before!”

Here are seven powerful learning insights for you to consider.   Don’t short change your career path by overlooking these crucial skills, behaviour and attitude.  As you read through each, rate yourself on a scale from 1 – 10, where 10 is excellent as to where you might be currently.

7 Insights into Employee Engagement

1. Employee engagement is a three-way process and requires responsibility, accountability and ownership from employer, employees and the organization.  We talk about employee engagement including the kinds of things employees need to feel engaged and what the managers and leaders need to provide. The latter certainly have an active role in harnessing the best of their talent and creating a rich culture that people want to be part of and enjoy coming to work.  There is certainly a lot that can be done at the level of leadership engagement behaviours.  However, employees aren’t mere passive receptacles of these initiatives but are also active players who have a role in shaping a great workplace. (more…)

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