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How Strong is Your Ethical Compass?

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in the office. -Dwight D Eisenhower

As part of our leadership development course we focused on our ethical compass and how it guides our behaviour and decisions as leaders.

The Challenge

From time to time, in our personal and professional lives, we come across people and opportunities that seem engaging, exciting and worthy of further exploration.

Sometimes the best things in life are those we stumble upon or that seem to come quite serendipitously out of nowhere!  And indeed, explore we must.  NEW horizons and development only arise through venturing into the unknown, pushing the envelope and taking an “experimental” stance towards such invitations.

As the old saying goes, “if we do what we have always done, then we will get what we have always gotten!”

Some Probing Questions

At the same time, though, it is worth being mindful of the following questions to guide your explorations when confronted with a mixed/tempting situation: (more…)

12 Leadership Lessons from the World Class All Blacks

fireworks RM and groupGreatness is the ability to consistently deliver peak performance regardless of opponent, occasion or what happened the week before.
– Steve Hansen and Ritchie McCaw views as quoted in the New Zealand Herald

The All Blacks are the first team ever to have won the Rugby World Cup three times including back to back titles.

And to achieve this, they have shown nothing short of high performance, excellence in teamwork, composure, self and team knowledge, and a grounded self-belief throughout the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

On the emotional front, who can resist the following – the spiritual power of the haka as it throws out a challenge to the opponents while acknowledging and drawing on the energies of all those giants who have worn the jersey before them; the indelible joy on the faces of the players, team management and all the supporters when an unexpected try has been scored or when a practiced move has come off in actual play; the natural show of group hugs and flying leaps of the ecstatic players as they land in a delirious mound.

But it is not just about Rugby.  There are some powerful leadership, team and life lessons we learn from this world-class team with a win ratio percentage of 90 plus.

Here are 12 lessons:  (more…)

How to Influence with Integrity

influence with integrity

Everyday in life we get the opportunity to influence others.

In the work domain, this includes our peers, direct reports, our manager who may be the MD or CEO and our customers and suppliers.

The two extremes

Some of us react negatively to the thought of “having to influence” while others may do this unconsciously – almost automatically – when the need arises.  On the other extreme,  is the more politically motivated example where people do this in a very calculated and shrewd manner.

Either ends of the extreme have their own drawbacks – from being invisible and looked over for projects to being seen as a political animal (without necessarily the follow through on delivery) that one needs to be weary of.

So what really does influencing mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Influence as “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.”  And to be able to do this without exerting a direct force.

Being able to influence or choosing not to be influenced is a necessary survival skill in business.

As a leader, unless you are able to influence others to buy your vision, you will not gain followship and full engagement from those you are leading.

As a team member, unless you can influence or stand up to others influence that are less than positively inspired, you will not be able to harness respect, good collaboration and sharing from others.

The old model of coercive and autocratic leadership – “do as you are told” no longer holds sway as it disempowers employees and managers alike. Not being able to connect with people and see them as capable and competent contributors of their teams and the organisation is not only disrespectful but it will not motivate them to give their best!

Building relationship may not increase influence. But no-one increases influence without building relationship.
– Dr. Mark Strom

So what are some things to be mindful of when influencing others?


Are our Leaders Leading with Integrity?

integrityLeadership and integrity go hand in hand. When we see evidence of a lack of integrity whether it is in our political, business, community or family leaders, we feel dismayed, let down, disbelief and even outrage.

Given the current events involving our political leaders, I thought it timely to re-visit this topic.

What is integrity?

• Integrity is not a “turn-on and turn-off” switch; it’s about character and intent as demonstrated through our behaviours. One can say their behaviour was a slip-up or oversight, but when there is a consistent pattern of high-stakes, questionable behavior then something deeper is at play.

• Integrity embraces values of honesty, responsibility, accountability, loyalty and self-awareness. (more…)

13 insights on leading with integrity

integrityAfter my last newsletter on ETNZ and Dean Barker’s leadership and teamwork, I received some fairly consistent feedback from you. You liked how Dean led his team and despite the outcome, you still view him as a winner and hold him in high regard.

The more vexing question you asked me was the relationship between integrity and leadership in the aftermath of the mayoral race.

Some common feelings and questions included:

• How am I meant to feel about someone in a public trust role who I voted in and who has demonstrated a breach in integrity?
• Can someone who has demonstrated a lack of integrity in one area of life be trusted to show integrity in other areas of life?
• How can someone who has demonstrated integrity and then behaved dishonestly return to a state of integrity again?
• There has been such a betrayal of trust by someone I voted because I thought he made a good leader.
• Does power seduce those in high office or is it that a certain type of individual drawn to these positions?
• How do we know when someone has integrity or not?

No doubt you will all be making up your own mind about how you answer these and other questions.

Here are my top 13 points on integrity – leader or not. (more…)

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