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12 Leadership Lessons from the World Class All Blacks

fireworks RM and groupGreatness is the ability to consistently deliver peak performance regardless of opponent, occasion or what happened the week before.
– Steve Hansen and Ritchie McCaw views as quoted in the New Zealand Herald

The All Blacks are the first team ever to have won the Rugby World Cup three times including back to back titles.

And to achieve this, they have shown nothing short of high performance, excellence in teamwork, composure, self and team knowledge, and a grounded self-belief throughout the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

On the emotional front, who can resist the following – the spiritual power of the haka as it throws out a challenge to the opponents while acknowledging and drawing on the energies of all those giants who have worn the jersey before them; the indelible joy on the faces of the players, team management and all the supporters when an unexpected try has been scored or when a practiced move has come off in actual play; the natural show of group hugs and flying leaps of the ecstatic players as they land in a delirious mound.

But it is not just about Rugby.  There are some powerful leadership, team and life lessons we learn from this world-class team with a win ratio percentage of 90 plus.

Here are 12 lessons:  (more…)

13 tips for starting that book still inside of you

Launch Pictures 052I get asked quite frequently-  by people wanting to write their book  –  what helped me write   “Get your groove back.”   Here are some tips that might help you if you are thinking about getting started on your book or e-book:

1) Passion helps!  Write what you have passion for, what you are excited about and what gives you a buzz and or sense of meaning and purpose. Write what you feel is inside of you that needs to come out.
2) Commit your thoughts to writing.  If you feel you have a story or message to share, don’t leave it in an amorphous thought phase only.  Translate it into written words – whether you commit it to paper, word document, whatever.
3) Have a draft working structure. Start your book along the lines of this draft structure knowing that this will change as your thoughts, story and message evolves. (more…)

3 top tips for re-creating inspiration and engagement

MotivationDoesn’t it feel great when we are inspired, uplifted and on top of our game? But it’s not always like this.   There are times in our lives when inspiration is lack luster and questions abound – from the more superficial to fundamental ones like the very purpose of being and what we are doing.  We may be lacking motivation, feeling tired and just not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (more…)

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