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The Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey

Nineteen people came together as individuals – working for the same organization but not with a great deal of knowledge about each other.

In a mere two days, they had moved from individuals to three healthy, dynamic and supportive teams.  It felt good participating in and witnessing this coming together and the blossoming of something new.

The first day was setting some frameworks for how they wished their team to work together and the values they wished to live by.

They also learnt about themselves – their strengths and limiters and how significant others such as their manager, colleagues and direct reports actually saw them back in their workplace.

Feedback is never easy especially when it is tinged with what we could improve on. But these nineteen resolute and amazing team members took it in their stride.


How to Get the Best from Your Introverted Team Members

Introverted team member
“Introverted feeling types have a wealth of warmth and enthusiasm, but they may not show it until they know someone well. They wear their warm side inside, like a fur-lined coat.” 

– Isabel Briggs Myers

In our world the externals including charisma and outgoing personalities get noted and praised starting right from early school.
For example, one teacher’s feedback, “Johnny is a confident, active and outgoing child.” On the other hand  “Anjila is very quiet in class and keeps to herself.”

Okay – so we are who we are and here’s what we need to remember:

Both personality preferences have their strengths

As bosses, parents, teachers and community leaders, we need to be mindful that both the extroverted and introverted personality preferences bring their own strengths as much as they have their challenges.

If we are aware of this, we can optimise performance and exchange with our colleagues, direct reports, students and even the seemingly incalcitrant teenager, on some occasions!

“Well-developed introverts can deal ably with the world around them when necessary, but they do their best work inside their heads, in reflection. 
Similarly well-developed extraverts can deal effectively with ideas, but they do their best work externally, in action.”
― Isabel Briggs MyersGifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type

Team meetings

Let us look at team meetings where we spend a large chunk of our working time. (more…)

12 Questions for Building a High Performance Team

jrfuThe power of teamwork was proven in a very dramatic and unexpected way with the result of the Japan and South Africa pool match in the Rugby World Cup this last weekend.

Japan, the underdogs faced the seeming insurmountable odds in taking on the might of South Africa – one of the world’s great rugby sides.

Japan summoned an incredible self-belief  and energy in not backing down from the physicality imposed by their opponents.

There is a great lesson here in teamwork for us in the workplace. Despite any obstacles, how could your team harness its resources to achieve the desired results?

Here are twelve key questions to discuss with your team: (more…)

The All Whites – a team of individual champions or a champion team?

Great team work and leadership - All Whites 2010The All Whites performance at FIFA has been remarkable; a demonstration of great leadership and excellent team work. With the World Cup they have –  rather suddenly, sprouted in our sporting consciousness and totally captured the nation’s imagination. After being an insignificant seventy eight in the world rankings, who would have expected them to do as well as they did? Here’s a team that did not have the support, backing and resources such as the All Blacks and yet they made every Kiwi feel proud by remaining unbeaten and scoring the goals they did – firstly with Slovakia and then against the World Cup holders, Italy! And we could go on here…. (more…)

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