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Leadership reflection: how it helps managers and leaders enhance their learning.

man reflectingA common challenge that managers, leaders and business owners have is not having enough time to actively or proactively reflect.  Attending to the daily schedule of meetings and appointments,  managing the team, customers and board relationships along with unscheduled things that pop up often leaves time for little else.

And yet the ability to reflect is a critical part of a leader and manager’s growth and development.

It is through reflection that we are able to cull out the juices from any encounter and move forward more confidently.

Reflection enables us to dig deeper and come up with insights and gems that may not have been so apparent initially – often tapping into the wisdom of the unconscious.

This is one reason that more and more organizations and executives are resorting to coaches to have that committed time, space and listening.  Being able to reflect on things with a trusted other enables powerful learning conversations to occur.

It brings forth analysis as well as synthesis. (more…)

How to receive feedback

Last week I posted a blog on “giving constructive feedback.”  Interestingly  it generated much discussion with my clients and others on how the feedback was received.  Yes – you guessed it.  A lot of the times, not that well! (more…)

How does your past influence your leadership today?

I was reminded yet again the power of our conditioning and the conditioned mind.  This is a good thing if our conditioning and framework is a positive one.   But this isn’t always the case.  I had dealings with two wonderful human beings with great minds and compassion – yet both felt terribly felt frozen.  Despite having thought long and hard and being acutely aware that not taking action was costing them time, energy, money and focus – they still felt stuck. According to one – it is “paralysis through analysis.”   But there was more to it. (more…)

Activating your human superpowers

 This edited post is by guest blogger Amanda Fleming.The purpose of this article is to present you with an expanded way of thinking and feeling about yourself, and to offer a view of what the present ‘moment’ in our unfolding process as individual and species truly and realistically offers if enough of us only knew how to use it well.  I believe we have the power to co-create a future worthy of our greatest aspirations by allowing ourselves to be guided by our deepest yearnings.  This power is the great gift it is to be human and alive today.  It’s time to clean the lenses of our interior and see our world anew.   (more…)

5 leading steps to moving beyond your comfort zone

leadership courage, moving beyond comfort zoneBeen out of your comfort zone lately? Can you recall how you reacted and its impact on your problem-solving or decision making? My business coaching client, the CEO of a SME, related the fascinating story of his recent trip to China where he met up with other key players from around the globe. The city they visited was no Beijing or Shanghai. It was smaller in size and his hotel was in an area specified as the “government zone.” As foreign nationals they were advised not to venture out of this. However, in need of much exercise and fresh air, my client did venture forth one day and soon found himself walking beyond the edges of familiarity. He noted that suddenly the scenery had changed dramatically. (more…)

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