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What does success mean to you?

components of success, conceptSuccess is something most human beings desire and gravitate towards. The word itself has a rich, positive connotation.

A lot of products and services get sold based on the promise of success. Buy this or do that and will find yourself in the winner’s camp!

But what does success mean to you? Is it about the achievement of short or long-term goals or more external measures of what society defines as successful? Or fundamentally is it about the quest for happiness and well-being that we think it will provide?

Success may be an abstract term but it has a lot of emotional and psychological currency attached to it.

For me, the essence of success embraces the gift of learning, growing and developing both personally and professionally and then being able to contribute in a meaningful way.

How about you? How do you measure your success? (more…)

Leaders: Don’t take your eye off the ball

I once heard a speaker at a conference do an entire presentation about the time they “took their eye off the ball” and the impact this neglect had on their primary goal of building their new business.  Being a fairly focused person, I couldn’t quite relate to their message at the time but the penny dropped some years later when I did something similar!  Writing a book needn’t have precluded other important aspects of my life. 

The message here – regardless of what other ventures and or exciting people and projects come along your way, is do not give up your original dream, project or intention in pursuit of the other.   Continue to nurture your dream, goals and intentions.  Like planting seeds in your garden – provide the best growth conditions you can – water it regularly, feed it the right nutrients and generally keep an eye on its ongoing requirements.

It can be a challenge to keep our commitment to our dreams, passion and goals while also maintaining other important aspects of our life.  Our time and energy is limited on planet earth so why not grab it with zeal and give it your best shot.  Research on happiness indicates that our sense of satisfaction comes through engaging in what is meaningful for us.  Once you have identified these –stay on track and remind yourself when you take your eye off the ball for longer than desirable!

Jasbindar Singh is  business psychologist who loves helping her clients achieve their goals and lead  fulfilling lives.


Your Leadership Mantra for 2013

focus, values, mission
Some years back my colleague sent me an article by Guy Kawasaki’s  on mantra vs. mission statement.  Guy, a former Apple Evangelist and now a Venture Capitalist, is an ardent supporter of individuals and organizations having mantras rather than mission statements. It was no surprise that my knowing colleague had sent this to me.  The idea of having a mantra for the New Year appealed almost instantaneously!  My Indian DNA quite relished this concept and could contemplate the many possibilities. (more…)

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