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Dealing with Global Mobility

blue city jodhpurLiving in my own culture was like being a fish in water, swimming with the flow of things. It was only when I had to live and interact with another culture that I became conscious that there were other ways of doing things, which were just as legitimate as my way! It gave me a choice about doing things.  – Rohan

Global mobility is on the increase given the backdrop of a borderless society, a global skill shortage, advances in technology, new markets opening up e.g. China, India and South America and the breakdown in the social, psychological contract between the employer and employee.

Add to this mix, Generation Y, who are keen to travel and experience the world, believing “ the world is my oyster” and Generation X who are looking to gain overseas experience and further their careers.

This mobile work force are frequently crossing country borders, doing a series of short to medium term stints, and expecting to be paid well and quickly. (more…)

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