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10 tips to enhance your leadership EQ

Leaders have to inspire, challenge and lead others.  Your people will be asking themselves, “Why should I follow him or her?”   In order to be an engaging leader you need to understand and harness the best of your people.  Emotional intelligence enables you to do this.

 Here are 10 tips to consider: (more…)

Are you leading with a sense of entitlement?

Whether you are a manager, leader or an employee, having a sense of entitlement can be a dangerous thing. I am not referring to certain entitlements we all have as per legal, contractual or basic moral rights. But more the sense that comes through one’s role and place in society, organization or political life, where one gets used to a level of position, power, privilege and perks. “Who I am” takes precedence over “what I do” (or how I perform). (more…)

How to lead in times of crisis – 6 leadership lessons from BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward

finger pointing, no self accountability, passing the buckIn times of crisis, how a leader fronts and deals with the situation can either fan an already out of control situation or they can take full responsibility and become part of the solution. Sadly, BP’s CEO – Tony Hayward’s words, behaviour and demeanour have only but fueled the situation.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster on many levels. And it appears that it could have been avoided. Questions are being asked of the CEO but answers to date have not been forthcoming – answers which could provide a deeper, systemic understanding about what went wrong and why and how best to deal with this major catastrophe. (more…)

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