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Leadership: Seven Ways of Receiving Feedback that will Stall Your Career

no-entry“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

Receiving feedback is not always easy. It is also normal and natural to feel uncomfortable and even defensive at such times. However, constructive feedback is also a key way in which we develop and grow in our career, leadership and lives. And the consequences of not listening to and receiving feedback well can be costly. I have seen people whose careers derailed because of this one factor.

Here are 7 ways to not receive feedback

Do any of these seem familiar?

1)  Denial 

Denial is when we don’t even acknowledge that the feedback could have some truth in it. It is a total obliteration of the message and sometimes even the messenger.  Some responses include, “That is not true or accurate at all.” “This is absolute rubbish or I don’t agree with it at all.” (more…)

Watch Your Inner Saboteur

stressed manAre you hampering your success or perhaps the next move by focusing on what you don’t have rather all that you do?

Is there a strong heartfelt desire, a felt sense, calling or aspiration which,  as yet remains unfulfilled?

If you do, just check in with yourself that you are not hampering this by focusing on the block(s) rather than all the resources and enablers already in your toolkit.

When we are energetically blocked, in the grip of the “small me” and stampeded by the inner saboteur – conscious or unconscious, we are not doing justice to all those we could be serving or indeed ourselves.

This point was highlighted to me in my unexpected conversations with several colleagues this week.

Watch that the inner critic is not running the show! (more…)

Leadership: Manage Your Emotions

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALOAAAAJDgwMjkzY2I3LTFmZmMtNDZiZC04ODY5LTc3NzA2ODFjNjZkYQ“Self-knowledge is something everyone can grasp. When you understand your emotions, you will have the capacity to understand other peoples emotions too.”
Swami Suddhananda


The gift of emotions

The spectre of emotions we experience is a true gift. Imagine a world without the contrast and diversity of experiences and emotions.

In the work place, this can range from the incredible sense of success and team work of a well-executed project to those other times when we have missed out on something, feel mis-understood or attacked.

Feelings and emotions are also viral.  

We have to be conscious that we are not unduly affecting others with our negative emotions which could just be “passing clouds.”

As  managers and leaders we are setting the tone, expectations, climate and culture of our teams and organization.

And nothing seeps or gets picked up faster by others than the non-verbal vibes or careless throw-away comments.

The EQ skills of self-awareness and self-management are vital here to avoid the reactive response when confronted with the unexpected, which one invariably regrets. (more…)

ETNZ: What we can learn from Dean Barker and his team

ETNZ-2The 34th America’s Cup – what times of great thrill, frustration and deep sense of loss we endured individually and as a nation.

But we also saw what an engaged, high performing team and great leadership looks like.

Here are six lessons on deeper values that we can learn from Dean Barker and his team.

1) Honesty and integrity – with Dean there is no acting, clichéd lines or “talking up” because that is the thing to do. What we get is a rare and refreshing sense of a real person with heart, soul and guts who calls it as he sees it.

A great embodiment of authentic leadership.

It is not surprising that the whole country got behind the team, despite the loss.  Honesty is a prized value appreciated by most.

2) Humility and grace – even when ETNZ were on a roll the first half of the race, Dean Barker showed no sign of arrogance about his team or getting personal about the defenders in any way.

Not only did he stay a true professional and great sportsman-like but he also showed that rare quality of GRACE. (more…)

What Adidas teaches us about leadership in brands

Brands are all about emotions.  Yes – emotions first, logic second.  The loyal supporters – fans, consumers or followers – are emotionally engaged with the brand story and will willingly give of their preference and pockets to their cherished brands.

But what happens when the brand does something the consumers don’t like – as has been the case of the All Black Jersey and their Corporate Supporter – Adidas. 

All Blacks are part of the Kiwi cultural DNA and therefore our core identity. And fans have been hugely upset by the fact that the All Blacks rugby jersey cost almost twice as much in NZ when much cheaper jerseys can be purchased off shore.  And then to add salt to the wound, NZ got removed from some of the sites so Kiwi fans couldn’t even do this! 

When fans start to feel taken for granted, “ripped off”, forgotten or disadvantaged in some way, then brand integrity is at stake big time and brand reputation comes under challenge. (more…)

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