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How to Unleash Your Creativity When You are Stuck in a Rut

creativity“To be successful we must live from our imaginations, not from our memories.” ~ Steven Covey

Can you relate to any of these thoughts and feelings?  You feel stuck in a rut. Trapped!  You have had enough of being where you are but just don’t seem to be able to break out of it.

You feel annoyed, frustrated and helpless and think of others who seem happier and more fulfilled in their lives.  There is an underlying fear,  “I will never get out of this, and maybe I don’t have what it takes!”   Feelings of anxiety and panic abound at not being able to see a different future. 

As some of you would know, being stuck in a rut without any sense of verve, excitement or creativity, sucks!  And it is hard to know where to start when you are in it.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are things we can do to re-connect with our creative energies and catapult us out of the rut we are in.

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Have You Got the End-of-Year Career Blues?

Change ahead warning signAre you suffering from the end-of-year career blues? Are you questioning “can I bear to have a repeat of this year” and the answer and inner knowing is a definitive NO!

We naturally get a bit more reflective as the year ends – thinking about our lives in a more holistic way than we have had time for during the busy year of deliverables.

As our jobs, business, relationships and careers come into greater focus, we ask ourselves whether we doing what we truly want to be doing? These questions can also feel scary as they raise the issue of how resonant, fulfilling and aligned our work is with our deeper self or calling.  You may even be questioning what the latter is for you.

If you are like some of my recent coachees who have wanted to discuss strategies for moving forward, then I have a special offer for you later in the blog.

But for now youchained c may wish to check-in with the questions under the following six areas to gain clarity and focus.



11 career tips for getting back on track to a better job

Whether you are in a job that you enjoy or are feeling a bit stale or stuck in, adopting some of the following career management strategies will help you gain momentum:

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. Robert Kiyosaki

1) Take a pro-active stance in being your own career manager.  If you are waiting for someone else to spot your talents and capabilities, you could be waiting forever. Become your own career manager and take action.

2) Do a realistic talent audit.  Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Get feedback from those close to you at work and home about your strengths and weaknesses.  A 360-degree feedback exercise can be very helpful here. Building on your strengths,  especially ones you enjoy,  is vital but take in  areas for development as well. If 5 out of 6 people are stating that you need to pay attention to your listening skills, they can’t all be wrong and this clearly points to the need for developmental action on your part.

3) Have your own vision and goals of what you want out of this job.  Have a few goals that will happen as part of the job rather than having to do something extra. For example, “ I want to increase my network of people who may be good mentors for me in the future. I will do this by …..(action) …..developing and maintaining good relations with my manager, workmates and customers.” (more…)

A strengths-based review of your 2012

Christmas holiday is a great time for rest, renewal and reflection. The year-end underlines a natural point for a stock take – how things shaped up and what we are up to in our lives.  With the advent of the New Year and the promise of new beginnings, pausing to take time for reflection and thoughtful intent for the New Year is most natural. 

The seers have repeatedly pronounced – an un-reflected is an unlived life!  This year, I would like to encourage a strengths based approach to your reflections. 

And why not record your answers to the following questions in your journal?  Not only will this give you a sense of achievement and consequent good feelings but it will also provide you with directional clarity for the coming year.

You could ask these questions in relation to your team, business, leadership and personal life as well.


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