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The Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey

Nineteen people came together as individuals – working for the same organization but not with a great deal of knowledge about each other.

In a mere two days, they had moved from individuals to three healthy, dynamic and supportive teams.  It felt good participating in and witnessing this coming together and the blossoming of something new.

The first day was setting some frameworks for how they wished their team to work together and the values they wished to live by.

They also learnt about themselves – their strengths and limiters and how significant others such as their manager, colleagues and direct reports actually saw them back in their workplace.

Feedback is never easy especially when it is tinged with what we could improve on. But these nineteen resolute and amazing team members took it in their stride.


What was the most surprising feedback you received last year?

man-with-laptopThe beginning of the new year naturally gets us reflecting. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Some years feel great and we want the momentum to continue; others tougher.

With the latter, we look forward to the New Year quietly acknowledging or sharing with friends perhaps that “the new year just has to be better!”

So how was last year for you?

And what was your review process for the year that has been?  Like many, did you do any of these?

List all your achievements?

Identify the goals you achieved and those you are still working on?

Sharpening your focus and setting some new goals?

Of course, there are no right or wrong ways of doing the above. The most important thing is that it works for you.  (more…)

Authentic Leadership: Have you had a defining moment?



Last week, as part of our authentic leadership programme, my colleague and I invited the participants to explore their leadership stories.

These are stories that have formed and informed us and make us the leaders that we are. The exploration can be grounding, revealing and empowering.

So what about you?

Is your story something you have given much thought to?

Or perhaps, like many others, you have put your story aside, perhaps seen it as a tad mundane and bearing little significance?

Or perhaps because of a few “bad” experiences, you have been seen these as best ‘forgotten.’

Our Crucibles

Many of us have had defining moments in our lives and these have consciously or unconsciously shaped our beliefs, values and attitudes. (more…)

Authentic Leadership: Your Emerging Story


People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end.  They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.
– Steven Spielberg

Growing up as young kids in a fairly traditional family and in a small town, we had no voice.

And like many others, throw in the cultural and gender mix, the spoken and even more powerful non-verbal messages of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable or not, our identity takes shape along the lines of what we have imbibed.

And what we have internalized may not be a true reflection of who we are at all or what our capability is!

Finding your Authentic Self

The journey of finding our authentic self – our voice and identity is not always a conscious and planned process.

It is more likely to be organic and evolutionary, as our internalized messages including the sub-conscious ones stay sub-merged while driving our behaviour.

And even as we become conscious of these, it does not just change overnight or even months or years.

It takes time, experience, attention and intention and a growth mindset to begin to claim our authentic leadership and fully emerge with what is ours and what belongs to others.

As a leader, the journey of authentic leadership begins to unfold…..

…..An authentic self that is evolving warts and all whilst also beginning to shed the inheritance of others voice, image and expectations.  (more…)

The eight lessons Paul Henry teaches us about leadership.

Whichever way one looks at it, Paul Henry’s recent comments asking the Prime Minister whether the next Governor-General is going to “look and sound like a New Zealander” are insulting and racist. It falls way below the mark in his role as a TVNZ breakfast host. 

The basic requirement of any job including those in leadership is that we deliver what is expected of that role and take full responsibility for our actions.  When managers, leaders and politicians fail to do this, their leadership including the organization’s culture and ethos are – quite rightly – questioned.

Prejudice and stereotypes invariably blind us. Never mind Sir Anand’s background, calibre and merit in having been an almost perfect fit for the job. He is “culturally different” or more to the point “not white.”  So everything else becomes irrelevant. This is a not a recipe for  building and leading a team, organization or country. (more…)

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