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Authentic Leadership: Have you had a defining moment?



Last week, as part of our authentic leadership programme, my colleague and I invited the participants to explore their leadership stories.

These are stories that have formed and informed us and make us the leaders that we are. The exploration can be grounding, revealing and empowering.

So what about you?

Is your story something you have given much thought to?

Or perhaps, like many others, you have put your story aside, perhaps seen it as a tad mundane and bearing little significance?

Or perhaps because of a few “bad” experiences, you have been seen these as best ‘forgotten.’

Our Crucibles

Many of us have had defining moments in our lives and these have consciously or unconsciously shaped our beliefs, values and attitudes. (more…)

Leaders in Transition

Hilary PottsI am delighted to have Hilary Potts as my guest this month.

Hilary Potts is a leadership strategist, and business coach specializing in organizational change and executive transition. A former C-suite executive with vast global experience, she helps senior leaders navigate today’s intensively competitive business world with success. She is the author of “The Executive Transition Playbook.” As the Founder of The HAP Group, Hilary is devoted to enabling others to perform at their best during times of change. With her guidance, leaders get clear on the direction, and people work together to make better decisions and execute plans more efficiently. You can find more at

1) What prompted you to write this book?

I wrote The Executive Transition Playbook to share proven strategies to successfully maximize the short time frame leaders have to get up-to-speed and make key contributions.

As a change expert, business coach and operating executive, I have seen the challenges incoming leaders face in entering new roles. The entry of a new executive signifies a change which is often overlooked. Unfortunately, over 40% of executives entering new roles fail within the first 18 months and many struggle silently as they try to figure out how to navigate in the new environment.

Throughout the years I’ve noticed some consistent themes in successful transitions and the potential traps experienced by leaders who move too quickly to action without fully understanding the business or the role. The Executive Transition Playbook shares a step-by-step approach for executives to create a leader transition strategy and to look at all the key aspects of the business. (more…)

What is Your Leadership Style?

leadership styleTo lead people, walk beside them … As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate … When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!
– Lao-Tsu

How effective is your current leaderships style?

Is it getting the results you want?
Even if your style is working, it is not uncommon that a different organisational context and culture will challenge and test you.

Some years ago, research by consulting firm Hay/McBer and  Daniel Goleman in his article, “Leadership that gets results” found six distinct leadership styles, each arising from different components of emotional intelligence.

The six styles along with the common phrase are:


WBEC Executive and Business Coach Summit

I wanted to let you know about the online World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS). Last year I had a great experience attending and this year they have a super lineup you will likely be interested in including:

– Marshall Goldsmith-Global Thinkers, 50 award winner
– Ken Blanchard-Business & Leadership thought leader.
– Carol Kauffman-CEO of Harvard Institute of Coaching.
– Judith Glaser-Conversation Intelligence guru.
– Liz Wiseman-Mulitplier Leaderships & Thinkers50 award    winner.
– Mark Thompson-CEO of Virgin Unite and Richard Branson’s coach.
– David Peterson-Global Head of Leadership & Development     at Google.
– Jim Kouzes-Leadership guru.
– Jim Clifton-CEO of Gallup.
– Peter Cheese-CEO of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

Each year the event WBECS offers a complimentary set of world class sessions you can attend online at your convenience.

Pick the sessions that you most resonate with that are most relevant to you right now.

The value I have received each year has been excellent and well worth the time invested.

Here is the link where you can register:

I hope you are able to join at least a few of the sessions during May.

Best regards

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