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The Neuroscience of Failure

delayed flightResilience means having the ability to bounce back from many of life’s setbacks and traumas we must endure over the course of our lives.

Indeed, many successful people including those with great inventions have done exactly this. Think of Thomas Edison and the thousand ways he learnt of how not to invent the light bulb.

And yet, many of us give up after failure has delivered its blow to our dreams and aspirations.  The big one that that did not take off or worse get away; the love of your life gone and or perhaps we are plagued by some health issue.

With failure, common feelings can include an acute sense of loss, hurt, grief, a wounding of the ego and over time, depression. 

Does failure create a stress response?


Leadership bumps – why these can be good for you!

Speed Bump Road SignBumps, jolts, or experiencing the unexpected can actually be good for us although it may not feel like that at the time.

Have you heard a bump or jolt lately? A bit of a shake up if you like? Perhaps things are not quite going as you would have liked? What you got was different from what you had planned, desired or expected? (more…)

How embracing ambiguity can lead to more creative solutions in leadership

When?As human beings we like having a sense of predictability and control.  And yet,  currently in business – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are all too prevalent.

The good old “cookie cutter” solutions just don’t fit anymore as leaders are having to respond and find effective solutions  facing their business and industry.

In this context when faced with the unfamiliar requiring a new and different response, we can  feel somewhat fazed and put out. The old instinct kicks in as we try to re-create a sense of order,  familiarity and control.

In our discomfort with ambiguity  we may find ourselves reaching out to the old, familiar solutions.

But what if by doing this we are missing out by not seeing the new possibilities that are present. (more…)

Dealing with endings

Endings are a natural, inevitable part of life. Whether these endings come about in our jobs and careers, love and family life or other aspects of our social, recreational and community life, there is an inevitable emotional reaction. Life as we have known is no longer and there is a consequent feeling of being in transition or as a colleague put it – “total limbo land.”

Of course, it is much easier to deal with change when we are the originators of such endings but this is not always the case. Endings and change get forced upon us and sometimes we do not even see it coming. In these instances, the shock factor and coming to terms with the new situation can take time. (more…)

7 tips for when you have lost your mojo

Do you feel like you have lost your spark?  Perhaps things aren’t quite going your way.  Or you find yourself going through the motions but deep inside are feeling lost and directionless? Or perhaps you have gone through some significant life events and your life as you have known it has changed forever?  The old is gone but the new isn’t entirely clear. You have more questions than answers, if you are even clear about what these questions are.  It’s quite normal during such times to feel despondent, doubting of your own self and your abilities and experience feelings of anxiety and even unworthiness. 

Well – the good news is that this is a very natural part of the evolving human journey.  (more…)

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