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Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity

InclusivityRelationships change us, reveal us, evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves.
– M. Wheatley & M. Keller-Rogers

How much of you, your full self can you bring to work currently?

Or are you having to try hard, to make a case and to show how actually despite your different looks, gender, culture, skin colour, language, practices and other differences, you are just like everyone else and not too dissimilar from the majority or dominant group.

The need for a sense of belonging is a fundamental wiring of being human.

I had an interesting discussion on culture and identity with a Maori elder a few weeks back.

As a cross-cultural consultant, he works with community, religious and organisational leaders in how to engage better with Maoris.

He said he loved his job because all he had to do was to be a Maori.

How wonderfully empowering for him and those he is serving!

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